From Scratch


Anyone can make yogurt smoothies. HAYO perfects it like mad scientists (or should we say, passionate yogurtists). It's within our kitchen, our laboratory, our home - where meticulousness is met with every step in crafting the yogurt smoothie. Because we are simply nuts about yogurt.

Our story

We. Love. Yogurt.

We are obsessed with yogurt-making, and, of course, yogurt-eating.

Rich in casein protein, vitamins B12, calcium, probiotics and more; farm-fresh yogurt is a healthier and nutritious meal replacement, a guilt-free midday snack, an accompaniment to any meal.

Don't get us started on why we fashioned it into a simply delicious smoothie.

How we do it

One Jar At A Time.

Carefully selected ingredients in every batch, made with care and superfood nutrients - we believe it shows in the goodness of our yogurt.

HAYO's Artisanal Yogurt is consistently cultured from scratch. Premium quality milk is first heat-treated before incubating live starter culture below 46°c. Coagulating and fermenting the yogurt within controlled parameters for 24 hours, we yield a thick, rich and tangy flavour unparalleled to others.


Don't worry: Leave the yogurt-making to us and we'll pass on the yogurt-eating to you.

Our recipe

Loads Of Love

Milk. It's our main ingredient. What better way to make farm-fresh yogurt than by using superior quality Australian milk?


HAYO's Artisanal Yogurt uses 100% Australian cow milk sourced from farms located among the clean green fields of country Victoria, where cows graze happily on lush pastures, fed by rich soils and abundant rainfall.


Much like love, yogurt doesn't have to be complicated. Which is why we love to keep our beverages simple. A neat balance between sweet fruits, savoury nuts, chewy grains and smooth yogurt tanginess is what makes our smoothies irresistibly delicious. Come by and have a taste of farm-fresh yogurt goodness!